Derek is presently working on a novel, and his linked short story collection, Coconut Dreams, will be published by Book*hug in Spring 2019. His writing can also be found in the following journals – enjoy!

  • “Private Property”  – Rusty Toque
  • “Carriers”  – Joyland
  • “Coconut Dreams” – Cosmonauts Avenue
  • “Birds of a Feather” – Phoenix, The Writers’ Community of Durham Region Contest
  • “Grand Opening” – Maple Tree Literary Supplement
  • “Picking Trilliums” – The Antigonish Review – Summer 2015
  • “Hold it Like a Butterfly” –  Switchback Magazine
  • “Learn to Care”  – Fieldstone Review
  • “The Elephant in the Mountain” – Shorthand, Diaspora Dialogues
  • “Fallen Leaves” – The Dalhousie Review – Autumn 2013
  • “So Far Away”  – University of Toronto/Random House



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